Bringing the Power Back

After Hurricane Ian, lots of people have lost power in the West Coast of Florida. It’s something we all take for granted most of the time. There’s nothing to worry about because Governor Desantis had 40,000 trucks waiting to bring back the power for Floridians.

The cities that got hit the worse were Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Naples. There were reports of businesses being completely flooded and losing all of their inventory. Many of these businesses have finally gotten power back but aren’t up and running yet.

The scary thing about these hurricanes is you don’t know what’s going to happen. Leading up until the day or two before, you don’t know if your city is going to get hit. So you have to prepare.

Preparing Your Retirement

This brings us to an important topic that used to be taboo but is now of utter importance. And that’s preparing yourself for retirement. The stock market is tanking and retirement accounts are being wiped out. The best way to protect against this is with precious metals.

Did you know that you can hold precious metals in an IRA or basically any retirement account you have like a 401k, ESP, 403b, etc.

You can do it without penalty if you’re over 59 because you can take distributions without penalty. You actually have to start taking distributions at 59. You can actually rollover or transfer funds you have into a self directed gold IRA that holds other precious metals too. It’s just looked at like a distribution.

If you’re younger than 59 and you don’t want to wait, you’ll pay a penalty fee for withdrawing distributions early. But you just have to determine if the fee you have to pay is greater than loss you’d take by keeping your money in the stock market.